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Biller Direct API
Authenticate, aggregate bills, and facilitate payments in one API

The Biller Direct API provides a simple, cost-effective way for you to incorporate online bill payments into your application or website.

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What can Biller Direct do?

The Biller Direct API gives you everything you need to build a card-enabled bill pay product or experience.



The Biller Direct API gives you the ability to authenticate into 5,000+ billers’ websites on users’ behalf.

Bill Aggregation

Bill Aggregation

Provide a dashboard that helps users view and control all of their billers and merchants in one place.

Payments & Scheduling

Payments & Scheduling

The Biller Direct API offers maximum payment control, allowing users to schedule payments, make auto-payments, and more.

Supported by Q2 Trustview

The Biller Direct API is PCI compliant, thanks to Q2 TrustView, powered by ALTR technology. With TrustView in place, you’ll have better control of who can access valuable data and how it’s handled.

What can Biller Direct do for your business?

Get Your Card Top of Wallet

The Biller Direct API can get your card to the top of your users’ wallets—and when a user stores your card as their preferred payment method, it stays there.

Maximize Interchange Revenue

Build products that make it easy to use your card for major payments—from Netflix and Amazon to utilities, mortgages, and more.

Monetize Your Customers

Interchange revenue is a valuable way to turn your user base into a revenue generator, and Biller Direct makes it easy to use your card everywhere.

Improve Customer Onboarding

A Biller Direct-powered product in your onboarding workflow allows users to apply their new card information across their favorite merchants and billers.

Build with the Best Data Protection

With Q2 TrustView, powered by ALTR technology, your customers’ data will be protected, even at “the last mile” that connects an application to data.
Q2 partner ALTR is the developer of ALTR technology.

Products powered by Biller Direct

Q2 uses the Open APIs to build new and innovative white-label products.

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If you’re ready to improve new customer onboarding or get your card top of wallet, reach out to us about the Biller Direct API.

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