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A better experience for every kind—and size—of business

Most business banking solutions stand apart from consumer platforms for all the wrong reasons. While they deliver features to satisfy enterprise-level banking needs, they’re clunky, counter-intuitive, and at odds with productivity.

Q2 Business Solutions is different.

Q2 Business Solutions reimagines the commercial banking experience by offering multiple tiers of features to choose from. Designed with a user-first approach, Q2 Business Solutions provides an intuitive, easy-to-use interface that’s compatible with tablets and smartphones. This unified, high-productivity platform delivers a flexible, efficient, and positive experience for all business users—from sole proprietors to enterprise-level executives.


Trustmark is growing, thanks to the exceptional banking experiences we bring to our consumer and business banking customers. Like us, Q2 has proven to be a partner who places the same importance on the customer experience–it’s reflected in Q2’s digital banking platform and its diligent, helpful staff.

—Chris Styga, SVP and Director of Treasury Services

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Q2’s Business Solutions Packages

By offering multiple tiers of business banking functionality, we can help your FI create better, more relevant experiences for all users.

Micro Business

Perfectly sized for your consumer clients’ side jobs or other small ventures with fewer than five employees, our Micro Business Package is priced for businesses with limited budgets. It includes uncomplicated features like basic entitlements and transfers—all easily managed via a mobile device.

Small Business and Professional

This tier is designed for businesses with up to 20 employees and less than $5 million in annual revenue—ventures that may have a part-time accountant but limited financial tools, and that may be willing to pay for additional services. It enables ACH payments—including tax payments, payroll, and collections—balance reporting, and more.


To help you serve businesses with complex needs, our commercial package includes international, batch, and multi-wire capabilities, enhanced entitlements, and advanced reporting on ACH activity and wires. It also features an advanced commercial dashboard, incoming wire alerts, ACH reversals, and more.

Features and functionality available to Q2 Business Solutions users include:

  • USD and FX International Wire
  • Bill Payments and eBills
  • Positive Pay via Centrix Exact/TMS™
  • ACH Batch
  • ACH Collections
  • Same Day ACH Origination
  • Payment from File
  • ACH Pass-Thru
  • Multi-Transfer
  • Multi-Wire Origination
  • Batch Wire Uploads
  • Recipient Upload
  • Incoming/Outgoing Wire Activity and Alerts
  • US State Tax Payments
  • US Federal Tax Payments
  • Corporate Dashboard
  • Balance and Activity Reporting
  • Cash Position Reporting
  • Advanced Entitlements
  • Account Labels
  • Originator Management
  • Receiver Management
  • Subsidiary Management
  • Template Management
  • RTN Lookup
  • Payments Tester
Corporate Banking

We also offer these Centrix solutions to help you streamline your back-office, manage fraud, mitigate risk, and provide better banking experiences for your Q2 Business Solutions customers.

Centrix Payments I.Q. Systems

Mitigate risk more efficiently with automated monitoring, simplified management, and real-time validation of ACH and other payment activity.

Centrix PIQS
Centrix Exact/TMS

Manage transactions and prevent fraud with comprehensive positive pay and account reconciliation features that are fully integrated into the Q2 Platform.

Centrix Exact/TMS

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