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No-hassle, no-abandonment account onboarding for the mobile-first customer

Q2 Gro is redefining the account holder experience for the digital banking channel.

From Gen Z to Baby Boomers, the opportunities are ripe for banks and credit unions to fully meet the needs and wants of the mobile-first market. With seamless account opening in only four minutes—along with a marketplace and checkout experience with bundling choices—Q2 Gro is ready to help financial institutions build their successful digital branch.

  • Complete control over decisioning processes

    An open rules approach allows your bank or credit union to gain risk-processing and appropriate pricing of risk.

  • A one-stop shop for account holders

    The Q2 Gro Marketplace allows customers to open new accounts, apply for new cards or loans, and much more.

  • Promote the right products at the right time

    Targeted messaging based on behavioral analytics will identify the right products at the right time for account holders.

  • 30+ connections with best-in-breed vendors

    Available integrations include data touches with cores, CRM, and other security, analytics, and marketing tools.

  • Full integration with the Q2 Platform

    Of course, Q2 Gro integrates fully with our unified platform, further expanding a Q2 customer’s digital banking presence.

Q2 Gro Sales and Marketing Platform

Q2 Gro customers report conversion rates 3.5x higher than the industry average.

Q2 Gro customers typically report a 70% conversion rate, compared to the industry average of 20%.

The Q2 Gro Platform

An end-to-end, best-in-breed digital growth solution

Besides highly effective digital account onboarding, sales and marketing opportunities will increase with the brandable Q2 Gro Platform.

Plus, the Q2 Gro Platform’s agnostic backend provides the nimble control an FI requires—quickly switch vendors as needed.

The Q2 Gro platform integrates with:

FIS Horizon


Fiserv DNA and COCC

Fiserv Premier

Fiserv XP2

Fiserv DataSafe

Fusion Phoenix

Fusion UltraData

Symitar Episys

Jack Henry Silverlake


nbkc bank

Our goal is to leverage the best tools available to create an optimal banking experience for our customers. Our mantra is ‘simplicity,’ and we believe in using a simple and straightforward approach to banking. Q2 Gro fits into our business model and positions our bank to meet—and exceed—the needs of our customers.

—Melissa Eggleston, Chief Deposit Officer

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