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Promote healthy financial habits while understanding your users’ financial goals

Q2 Goals encourages account holders to create, fund, and manage savings goals to meet their personal needs.

With Q2 Goals, your FI gets a clearer picture of account holders’ intentions, hopes, and ambitions, with targeted timelines set by your users so you can understand their goals. What’s more, your FI will be in position to be a partner in helping account holders achieve their dreams. This harmonious dynamic can create a win-win situation for all.

Encourage account holders

Encourage account holders to establish savings goals within Q2 Online Banking

Give account holders visibility

Give account holders easy visibility into their progress and activity

Allow account holders to update

Afford account holders the flexibility to update, redeem, or close their goal

Encourage account holders

Help them protect the money they’re setting aside for their savings goals by moving it out of their available spend.

Don’t worry, it’s just as easy to move it back if they need the funds in a pinch.

Encourage account holders

Spotlight the savings categories you feel will interest them the most…

…such as emergency funds, a down payment for a home, vacation funds, automobile purchases, and more!

Encourage account holders

Display messages to those who are either on track or have fallen behind on their goals.

Congratulate them or urge them to catch up!

Encourage account holders

Feature their goals and their progress at the top of the homepage.

Encourage account holders

Allow them to update their goals’ names, target amounts, and target dates.

Encourage account holders

Offer a simple way to redeem goal savings by transferring to a held account.

Encourage account holders

Allow them to close their goal from within online banking.

Get more out of Q2 Goals with our CorePro API

Create a dedicated account on the CorePro sub-ledgering system in order to coordinate movement of money

With a dedicated account for each goal, funds are isolated and protected.
Facilitate real-time transfers between Q2 Goals and internal accounts.
Your FI can determine whether or not to pay interest on Q2 Goals accounts.
Your FI can produce statements and tax forms as applicable or integrate the data into existing processes.
Prompt account holders to schedule one-time or recurring transfers to meet their financial goals.
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