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Smart, scalable, around-the-clock security


of organizations fall victim to payments fraud*

*Source: 2017 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey

Your account holders need sophisticated security controls that are always working.

Our multi-layered approach minimizes exposure points, starting with barriers like in-house multi-factor and out-of-band authentication.

We don’t just guard the front door

We use machine-learning technology and data analytics to learn account holder behavior and constantly look for deviations from the norm.

Q2 Sentinel

Detect and suspend transactions

Q2 Sentinel continuously learns, monitors, and models user behavior—identifying and suspending suspicious transactions in real time.

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Q2 Patrol

Identify fraudulent sessions

Q2 Patrol identifies high-risk non-transactional activity based on user behavior, requiring additional authentication to prevent cybercrime before it happens.

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Summit Community Bank

We’ve had the Sentinel program for a number of years and it has helped protect our customers. We’ve had one $600,000 loss we were able to avoid because of the Sentinel program.

—Scott Jennings, Senior VP and COO

Protecting your perimeter means securing all endpoints—for both your account holders and your brand.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Cyxtera to provide comprehensive coverage.

Detect Safe Browsing

Provide a secure online banking experience

Detect Safe Browsing (DSB) detects and blocks threats in real time and provides secure browsing—even when malware is present on the device.

Detect Monitoring Service

Protect your digital brand

Detect Monitoring Service (DMS) delivers comprehensive, 24/7/365 monitoring and takedown of phishing websites and rogue apps.

Compromised Card Monitoring

Spot stolen credit cards almost immediately

Compromised Card Monitoring checks black markets on a weekly basis for stolen login credentials, compromised cards, and other sensitive information.

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