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Monitor, govern, and secure your FI’s important data in real time

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Account holders trust their bank or credit union to guard and protect their valuable financial data.

However, the human presence within complex data networks inherently creates privacy and governance vulnerabilities, particularly in the visibility, control, and protection over how, when, and where data is made available to the people who use it every day.

Nearly half of executives and small business owners say human error caused a data breach in their organizations.

Source: Shred-It, 2018

A critical human error countermeasure

Q2 TrustView, powered by ALTR technology, allows our financial institution customers to control who can access valuable data and how it’s handled while gaining a comprehensive, immutable view of who accesses the data and when and how often they do so. Our multilayered data management and protection approach minimizes exposure points through several methods rooted in machine learning and behavioral analytics.

Monitor data consumption, requests, and responses

Monitor how applications and users consume sensitive data and log all data requests and responses immutably.

Simplify data governance efforts

Simplify data governance efforts with established access policies and a log of administrative rights changes and anomalies.

Protect data with blockchain technology

Protect data with blockchain technology that combats unauthorized access attempts by fragmenting and scattering it into multiple blockchains.

The most advanced data governance and protection technology on the market

Q2 TrustView is powered by the ALTR platform. Based on ALTRchain technology, this platform helps technical and non-technical stakeholders at your FI gain an intrinsic view of and control over your inner data environment. It’s considered virtually invulnerable to attack, even at “the last mile” that connects applications to data.

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